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What Is Midjourney? What Makes It So Good?

What Is Midjourney?

As an enthusiast and curator in the exhilarating realm of AI-generated art, it's a pleasure to share my experiences with Midjourney's latest offerings. This is a moment to let creativity take the reins and immerse ourselves in the vividly colourful landscape of AI-assisted artistic expressions. So without further ado, let's embark on this artistic journey and delve into the recent enhancements that are revolutionizing our engagement with AI-generated content.

Starting off, it's worth noting that Midjourney provides a user-friendly platform that is easily accessible and yields high-quality images with minimal inputs. This makes it a preferred choice for quick art trials or one-off projects, especially for those who frequently use Discord. However, the limited scope of its free trial and the prerequisite of Discord usage for a seamless start might be a slight deterrent. The tool might not cater to a wide range of options as compared to its counterpart, Stable Diffusion. One must note that Midjourney may not be as straightforward to access compared to some of its well-known competitors, instructions on how to utilize Midjourney can be found here.

On the other hand, Stable Diffusion, an entirely free tool that can be run on any machine, whether online or offline, showcases a diverse array of options and settings. These allow users to experiment with various image styles and create high-quality images. While the learning curve might be steeper with Stable Diffusion, the extra effort invested will certainly pay off.

Why is Midjourney the best?

As an independent research lab, Midjourney is committed to exploring new cognitive mediums and nurturing the imaginative prowess of humanity. They meticulously train their models on superior data, and more parameters, and implement some RLHF stylization during the process. What's remarkable is the user voting system, where users could vote for the best images, contributing significantly to improving the image quality over time.

The secret sauce of Midjourney's technology, though not entirely transparent, is known to involve training their unique model similar to Stable Diffusion. They incorporated their best works into the next model, constantly comparing it to the prompts. With each improvement Stable Diffusion brought about, Midjourney adapted the best results into their model. The community played a vital role in this process, with each generation of the model being openly shared and discussed. While replicating their methodology might pose challenges, it's evident that Midjourney caters perfectly to the general audience, whereas Stable Diffusion is ideal for specialized users with a solid grasp of the tool.

The V5.1 version brings several noteworthy enhancements over the V5.0, including:

  1. Increased coherence

  2. Greater accuracy in responding to text prompts

  3. Minimized occurrence of unwanted borders and text artifacts

  4. Sharper image quality

Initial feedback from users suggests that Midjourney 5.1 generates more captivating and varied visuals, making it particularly beneficial for those who are new to AI-generated art or those who prefer broader, less-defined prompts. The update is currently being offered as an open beta, allowing users to experience these new features first hand. Activation is straightforward, with users needing to simply navigate to the /Settings in the Discord chatbot.

In response to user feedback, the issue of excessive and unnatural lens flare found in Midjourney 5, especially evident in sunset scenes, has been addressed. With Midjourney 5.1, sunsets are rendered more realistically, resulting in warmer and more engaging skies. The anticipation is high for the creative possibilities this update will bring to users.

Whether you're a seasoned user or a newcomer to the world of AI-generated art, there's a platform for you to explore and express your creativity. The journey with Midjourney and Stable Diffusion promises an enriching and rewarding experience that continues to evolve and inspire.

If you can not access Midjourney for whatever reason, here are some alternatives that you could try.


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