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5 Really Useful AI Tools That Will Change The Way You Work

Artificial Intelligence has burst onto the scene in the blink of an eye, completely reshaping our lives and altering the ways we conduct business. This profound shift has been nothing short of remarkable, injecting a sense of electrifying dynamism into every sector it touches.

In the upcoming sections, I can't wait to unveil the tremendous impact five AI tools have had on our operations. Over a mere couple of months, these innovative solutions have proved to be instrumental, skyrocketing our productivity levels and reshaping our work paradigm in ways we had only dreamt of.

So, buckle up and join me on this exciting journey as we delve into how these AI wonders can turbocharge your business operations, just as they did ours!

#1 DoNotPay

DoNotPay began as an application primarily designed for challenging parking tickets. Today, it provides a variety of legal services on issues from consumer rights to immigration, using automated technology and artificial intelligence. The company uses IBM Watson AI to power its application, which is accessible across the UK and all 50 states of the US.

DoNotPay offers a suite of services to help customers claim refunds on flight tickets and hotel reservations, cancel free trial subscriptions, and even initiate legal proceedings. It also provides legal support for socially relevant issues such as assisting with asylum applications and providing resources for homeless individuals. Furthermore, the app assists users in claiming compensation from Equifax following their security breach and helps streamline the process for US visas and green cards.

An interesting feature offered by DoNotPay is the 'Free Trial Card'. This is a virtual credit card that users can utilize for signing up for free trials on platforms like Netflix and Spotify. As soon as the trial period concludes, the card automatically rejects any future charges. DoNotPay's services extend to automatically applying for refunds, canceling subscriptions, aiding hassle-free trials, fighting spam emails, dealing with fluctuating airline prices, and filing claims for property damages with city offices.

#2, an AI-based video creation tool, facilitates the generation of professional-grade videos by converting text to speech in mere minutes. As a trailblazer in AI video technology, it uses artificial intelligence to create videos.

Rather than employing actors, utilizing cameras, and orchestrating studio recordings, Synthesia provides the means to craft informative videos utilizing pre-existing AI avatars and voiceovers.

Boasting over 50 adaptable templates, Synthesia enables the production of high-quality videos of varied themes. Whether your needs are social media videos, explainer videos, presentations, or promotional content, there's a sophisticated template that aligns with your objectives.

Users have a choice from over 100 languages, and have the freedom to alter and update their videos as required. It lets you create custom avatars for your brand as a paid add-on option for personalized videos. This tool could be invaluable for marketers and bloggers who are reluctant to invest significant resources or time to produce top-tier videos.

#3 is a groundbreaking tool that significantly streamlines meeting management. Many professionals, who have multiple back-to-back meetings every day, often face difficulties in keeping track of all details, deliverables, and deadlines. addresses this problem by providing a seamless AI-powered system that takes meticulous notes during meetings, listing out actionable items and deadlines.

This tool functions with Zoom, Google Meets, and Microsoft Teams. It records, transcribes, and summarizes meetings and can even set reminders for actionable items or specific points from meetings. Furthermore, it integrates with your CRM, Trello, or, allowing for the creation of tasks during meetings. With, you essentially have an AI assistant that takes care of note-taking, task tracking, and reminders for you, enhancing your productivity.

Another similar tool is which is similar to this and offers 300 monthly transcription minutes on its free plan.


IngestAI provides a fast and easy way to create potent AI-driven chatbots, powered by ChatGPT, for your Slack or Discord. Simply upload your documents and you'll be able to field accurate answers to queries about your product or service in no time. There's no need for coding skills - you can be operational in just a few minutes!

People have been able to use to build a virtual AI consultant for their business that is able to answer queries. A typical use case can be, managers training it on repetitive redundant questions typically directed at them. New team members or other agencies often have repetitive questions, which can take up a significant portion of a manager's time. By using, an AI chatbot is created with your specific knowledge base.

For example, you can feed all your content, such as YouTube videos, tweets, or any announcements, into the tool and it'll answer questions based on your past responses. This AI bot can be integrated into Discord or Slack, providing instant access to your stored knowledge. This process not only streamlines the onboarding process but also reduces the number of repetitive tasks, freeing up managers to focus on more strategic responsibilities. effectively creates a virtual "you" to handle the more routine aspects of your work.

#5 Tome

Tome AI is an innovative tool that revolutionizes the process of creating presentations. It does this by leveraging cutting-edge AI models, ChatGPT and DALL-E 2. The former generates human-like text, while the latter creates unique, custom images from textual prompts.

The platform uses generative storytelling techniques, meaning it can construct detailed narratives, presentations, or outlines with minimal input from users. Additionally, the tool intelligently generates titles and organizes content across pages, giving every presentation a professional appearance.

What sets Tome AI apart is its ability to create coherent page layouts and text based on the user's input. Whether it's a specific topic or theme, the presentation maintains a logical flow and remains easy to understand. But the genius of Tome AI lies in its simplicity. Users just have to describe their intended presentation, and the AI handles the rest, producing a preliminary draft in mere seconds. Furthermore, the platform offers extensive customization options, from inserting tables and animations to adding personalized images.


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