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Guide to Social Media Video Sizes for 2024: Optimizing Your Content for Maximum Engagement

In 2023, understanding the intricacies of social media video sizes is paramount for effective social media marketing and management. Each platform now prominently features video content or provides ways to incorporate it. To ensure your videos garner maximum engagement and offer an optimal viewing experience, you must be well-versed in the specific video sizes and specifications for each platform.

The types of videos you may create for social media can vary significantly, but they all must adhere to the correct aspect ratio, video speed, and file size. Whether you're shooting on a smartphone, DSLR, or a more sophisticated camera, converting your videos into the right format is the crucial final step before sharing them on social media. Below, we delve into the social media video sizes for 2023 across various platforms, exploring the nuanced requirements for each:

Facebook Video Sizes for 2024

Facebook stands as the world's largest social media platform, offering immense potential for video engagement and reach. You can share a wide range of videos on Facebook, both as ads and organic posts. Here are the key video specifications you need to know:

1. Facebook Shared Post Video Specs 2024:

  • Recommended dimensions for landscape and portrait mode: 1280x720 px

  • Landscape aspect ratio: 16:9

  • Portrait aspect ratio: 9:16 (except for videos containing links, which should be 16:9)

  • Mobile aspect ratio: Rendered to 2:3

  • Best video formats: .MP4 and .MOV

  • Maximum length: 240 minutes (4 hours)

  • Maximum file size: 4GB

2. Facebook Stories Video Specs 2024:

  • Ideal resolution: 1080x1080 px

  • Maximum length: 2 minutes

  • Best formats: .MP4 and .MOV

  • Aspect ratio: 1:91 to 9:16 (adjusts for videos shorter than 9:16)

3. Facebook 360-Degree Video Specs 2024:

  • Max resolution for Monoscopic videos: 5120x2560 px

  • Max resolution for Stereoscopic videos: 5120x5120 px

  • Maximum length: 30 minutes

  • Recommended frame rate: 30 fps

  • Maximum file size: 10GB

  • Best formats: .MP4 and .MOV

4. Facebook Video Ad (In-Feed) Specs 2024:

  • Best resolution: 1080x1080 px

  • Maximum file size: 4GB

  • Max length: 240 minutes (120 minutes for a collection ad)

  • Aspect ratios: 16:9 (horizontal), 1:1 (square), 4:5 or 2:3 (vertical), 9:16 (portrait)

  • Best formats: .MP4 and .MOV

5. Facebook Video Carousel Ad Specs 2024:

  • Best resolution: 1080x1080 px

  • Maximum file size: 4GB

  • Max length: 240 minutes

  • Aspect ratio: 1:1 (square)

  • Best formats: .MP4 and .MOV

  • Recommended frame rate: 30 fps

  • Up to 10 videos can be included in a carousel ad

6. Facebook Slideshow Video Ad Specs 2024:

  • Best resolution: 1200x720 px

  • Maximum file size: 4GB

  • Max length: 15 seconds

  • Aspect ratios: 16:9 (landscape), 4:5 (portrait), 1:1 (square)

7. Facebook Instant Experience Video Ad Specs 2024:

  • Best resolution: 1200x628 px

  • Maximum file size: 4GB

  • Max length: 120 minutes

  • Aspect ratios: 1:1 (square), 1.9:1 (landscape)

LinkedIn Video Sizes for 2024

LinkedIn, while not initially optimized for video, has increasingly integrated video features. Video content is a valuable asset for marketing on LinkedIn, offering opportunities to present business content and attract new talent. Here are the essential video specifications:

1. LinkedIn Shared Video Specs 2024:

  • Recommended aspect ratio: 1:2.4 to 2.4:1

  • Vertical videos will be cropped square

  • Video Length: 3-10 minutes

  • Max frames: 60fps

  • Max size: 5GB

  • Minimum size: 75KB

  • Supported file formats: .ASF, .AVI, .FLV, .MOV, .MPEG-1, .MPEG-4, .MP4, .MKV, QuickTime, .WebM

2. LinkedIn Video Ads Specs 2024:

  • Dimensions for landscape video ads: 640x360 min, 1920x1080 max

  • Dimensions for square video ads: 360x360 min, 1920x1920 max

  • Dimensions for vertical video ads: 360x640 min, 1080x1920 max

  • Supported file type: .MP4

  • Supported audio format: AAC or MPEG4

  • Audio size must be less than 64KHz

  • File size: 75MB - 200MB max

  • Video Length: 30 minutes max (15 seconds recommended)

Twitter Video Sizes for 2024

Twitter, a platform known for its brevity, also welcomes videos to increase engagement. Videos auto-play by default, but sound is muted initially. Here are the video specifications for Twitter:

1. Twitter Shared Video Specs 2024:

  • Recommended aspect ratio: 1:1 (2:1 supported but may be cropped square)

  • Max file size: 512MB

  • Max length: 140 seconds (2 minutes, 20 seconds)

  • Minimum length: 0.5 seconds

  • Best formats: .MP4 and .MOV

YouTube Video Sizes for 2024

YouTube is a video-sharing powerhouse and a significant search engine. It's essential to optimize your video content for this platform. Here are the video specs:

1. YouTube Video Specs 2024:

  • Aspect ratio: 16:9

  • Dimensions: At least 1280x720 px

  • Accepted formats: .MOV, .MPEG4, .MP4, .AVI, .WMV, .MPEGPS, .FLV, 3GPP, WebM, DNxHR, ProRes, CineForm, HEVC (h265)

  • Max length: Up to 15 minutes (longer for verified users)

2. YouTube Shorts Video Specs 2024:

  • Aspect ratio: 9:16

  • Max length: 60 seconds

  • Supported video file types: .MOV, .MPEG4, .MP4, .AVI, .WMV, .MPEGPS, .FLV, 3GPP, WebM.

3. YouTube Video Ads Specs 2024:

  • Recommended dimensions: Vary based on resolution (e.g., 1280x720, 1920x1080, etc.)

  • Aspect ratio: 16:9 (9:16 or 1:1 for mobile)

  • Supported file formats: .MOV, .MPEG4, MP4, .AVI, .WMV, .MPEGPS, .FLV, 3GPP, and WebM.

  • Maximum file size: 128GB (or 12 hours, whichever is less)

4. Skippable Video Ads Specs:

  • Max length: 6 minutes

  • Skippable after 5 seconds

5. Non-skippable Video Ads Specs:

  • 15 seconds max viewing time

6. Mid-roll Video Ads Specs:

  • Minimum length: 30 seconds

7. Bumper Video Ads Specs:

  • Max length: 6 seconds

Instagram Video Sizes for 2024

Instagram is a platform increasingly favouring video content. Understanding the video specifications is crucial for boosting engagement. Here are the key video specs for Instagram:

1. Instagram In-Feed Video Specs 2024:

  • Supported aspect ratios: 1:1 (square), 9:16 (vertical), 4:5 (vertical), 16:9 (horizontal)

  • Minimum width: 500 px

  • Maximum file size: 650MB for videos up to 60 minutes, 3.6GB for videos up to 60 minutes

  • Best file format: .MP4 or .MOV

  • Max length: 60 minutes

  • Min length: 3 seconds

2. Instagram Stories Video Specs (Organic & Ads) 2024:

  • Recommended resolution: 1080x1080 px

  • Best file formats: MP4, MOV, GIF

  • Recommended to leave 250 px free space at the top and bottom of the video

  • Maximum file size: 250MB

  • Minimum width: 500 px

  • 15 seconds limit (videos longer than 15 seconds will be split into multiple Stories)

3. Instagram Reels Video Specs (Organic & Ads) 2024:

  • Video Length: up to 60 seconds

  • Aspect ratio: 9:16

  • Recommended resolution: at least 500x888 px

  • Max file size: 45GB

4. Instagram Live Video Specs 2024:

  • Length: up to 4 hours

  • Aspect ratio: 9:16

  • Recommended size: 1080x1920 px

Pinterest Video Sizes for 2024

Pinterest, often associated with images, supports video posts for business accounts. Here are the video specifications:

1. Pinterest Video Specs (Ads and Organic) 2024:

  • Accepted file types: .mp4, .mov, .m4v

  • Max file size: 2GB

  • Standard video required aspect ratio: taller than 1.9:1, shorter than 1:2

  • Max width required aspect ratio: 1:1 (square), 16:9 (widescreen)

  • Recommended aspect ratio for standard video: 1:1 square size or 2:3, 4:5, 9:16 vertical size

  • Duration: 4 seconds to 15 minutes

TikTok Video Sizes for 2024

TikTok, a rapidly growing platform, is a goldmine for brands. Its video specifications are crucial for engaging with the audience. Here are the video specs:

1. TikTok Video Specs 2024:

  • Best resolution: 1080x1920 px

  • Maximum recommended file size: 287.6MB

  • Supported file formats: .MP4 and .MOV

  • Aspect ratio: 9:16 (recommended for normal smartphone screens)

  • Square 1:1 aspect ratio accepted but won't appear full screen

  • Video Length: 3 minutes max (10-minute max rolling out in 2022)

2. TikTok Ads Video Specs 2024:

  • Accepted formats: .MP4, .MOV, .MPEG, .AVI

  • Required aspect ratio: 9:16, 1:1, or 16:9

  • File size max: 500MB

  • Recommended length: 9-15 seconds (5 - 60 seconds allowed)

Optimizing Your Social Media Videos for 2023 is essential to boost engagement, grow your audience, and drive traffic to your business. While videos are potent for engagement, don't underestimate the power of photo posts. For a comprehensive guide on social image sizes, including hero banners and profile pictures, refer to our complete guide on optimizing your social media profiles.


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