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Google Strikes Back: Google Bard's Superiority Over Chat GPT

Introduction: The Arrival of the Tech Titan

The Google I/O conference is renowned for revealing groundbreaking technological advancements. The latest conference was no exception as Google showcased its robust artificial intelligence (AI) system, Google Bard. It was reminiscent of when Steve Jobs first demonstrated the iPhone's smooth scrolling functionality, causing the crowd to erupt with applause. A sense of awe filled the room as spectators witnessed a product that seemed like a delightful digital surprise.

After being overshadowed by OpenAI's Chat GPT, Google retaliated with an array of AI functionalities. From automatic email generation to a conversational search engine and even the AI discovery of a molecular syringe, Google Bard proves that the company is armed and ready for the AI revolution. Now let's delve deeper into the capabilities of Google Bard and why it outshines its competition, Chat GPT.

The Rising Power of AI

At the heart of Google Bard lies Google's new system, Palm 2. It's a more refined version of Google's in-house GPT competitor, capable of generating text in multiple languages, coding, and even reasoning. Google's AI injection efforts also extend to Gmail, with their new system "Help me Write", aimed at speeding up email drafting.

Google's approach to AI integration goes beyond mere novelty. By infusing AI into its core products, Google not only safeguards their dominant position in the search engine market but also pushes the boundaries of what AI can achieve, thereby affecting a wide array of industries at an unprecedented speed.

What Makes Google Bard Stand Out?

Live Internet Access

Unlike Chat GPT, Bard has live internet access. OpenAI hasn't released this feature to the public yet. This means that Chat GPT often cites sources that are incorrect or imagined. On the other hand, Bard allows users to fact-check information within the app itself, boosting its reliability.

Multiple Output Drafts

Bard gives users the option to select multiple drafts of its outputs. This feature enables users to choose the output that best aligns with their preferences. Having a variety of drafts to select from is a clear advantage over Chat GPT, which currently doesn't provide such a feature.

Image Understanding

While GPT-4 is technically capable of understanding images, this function hasn't been rolled out to Chat GPT. Conversely, Bard understands images and plans to advance this feature over the coming weeks. This will give users the ability to upload an image and ask Bard to write captions, adding an extra layer of versatility to the AI.

Global Availability

Google Bard will be available in 180 countries, and there's no waitlist. This wide availability in the global market gives it a competitive edge over Chat GPT.

Looking Forward

Google Bard signifies the tech giant's substantial leap in the AI space. It offers an array of impressive features that currently outperform OpenAI's Chat GPT in key areas. By striking a balance between risk and advancement, Google shows the world that it is primed to take on the AI revolution.

The AI race is heating up, and Google Bard is a powerful contender. As we anticipate further advancements and refinements, one thing is clear: the era of AI is here to stay. It's not a fleeting trend but a new class of legitimate products that are set to revolutionize our digital world.


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